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Veganuary – Don’t let the name fool you

Veganuary is a charity inspiring people to try vegan for January and throughout the rest of the year. So just because January is over doesn’t mean they are stopping in their work to highlight the benefits of the vegan diet and neither are we.

The growth in the number of vegans, and people opening their minds towards a vegan plant based diet in this country is amazing and much of this is down to charities like Veganuary.

We know the benefits, we endorse the benefits and love all our customers who support us but it is great when we get new customers come in to the shop telling us that they want to know more about Veganism. This increase is due to charities like Veganuary.

The funny thing, when we do get new customers asking, it’s often our customers in the shop that tell them their stories, give their advice and support. Making that decision is not always an easy one – especially with traditional UK diets and food on offer. Many customers just want to know more and often suggest that they are dipping their toe in the water to try. We welcome this because even small changes make a difference; not only to food production industries but also personal health. For these customers sometimes having 1 or 2 vegetarian meals per week can be a start.

It’s not only charities like Veganuary that drive this change. Many bars & restaurants, especially locally also offer a wider range of vegan and vegetarian options on their menu’s – a Vegan section on a menu was unheard of just a few years ago. There’s no getting round that “Vegan” was a buzzword of 2018. This was greeted with positive & negative reactions but we believe their can be no denying the health benefits, mentally & physically of a plant based diet. We support this change of behaviour in UK consumers & we congratulate the open mindedness and will to try.

More than ever, we are a nation of people who recognise the effects of what we put inside out bodies. We are asking more questions. We are thinking more. We are seeking and taking advice that we have previously let pass us by.

We hope to see this continue in 2019 and further in to the future and we wish all charities and campaigns the best of luck! And we greet all customers, new and old with a smile and honest advice so come ans see us

For more information about Veganuary, ask us in store or take a look at their website here:

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