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Is summer here to stay?

Now we don’t want to be the ones to curse it but how good has the weather been lately? This time last year was a scorcher and it seemed to last forever (or at least as long as the world cup) but we’re all hoping for the same!

In all seriousness though we need to be sensible and look after ourselves in this weather. With temperatures touching 30 degrees it’s vital.

Here’s our advice for this weather. None of this stuff is new but it’s important to be reminded

  1. Get sun tan lotion and apply it regularly. Every few hours
  2. Plan your day around the midday sun. Find somewhere in the shade. If you’re going for a walk do it in the morning or late afternoon. Don’t underestimate the sun.
  3. Stay hydrated. It’s vital to keep taking in water. Even if you don’t think you need it
  4. Look after the vulnerable. Whether this is the elderly or young children. Whether friends, family or neighbours, take responsibility.

People underestimate this weather every year and whilst me might like a tan and don’t want to miss an opportunity we need to be sensible.

Have fun and look after yourself, and eachother

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