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Tell us what you want to see

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We’ve been open for a couple of months now and time has flown! It’s been an exciting time. Exciting for us that we opened after years of planning and hard work. Exciting to get all your feedback and best wishes and we hope exciting for you to have a vegan, organic and health store that stocks products you want to see.

1000 products in store

When we opened we had approximately 750 products in our range and we made a point in our first few days and weeks to ask customers what we were missing and what you wanted to see.

We have added over 250 new products to our range that have been specifically asked for by you, our customers.

You wanted Kombucha – we got it!
You definitely wanted Booja Booja – yep! We got it.

Our fridges are stocked with a wider range of cheese alternatives and drinks, our shelves now have more gluten free foods and for those who wanted more snacks and treats you can now find vegan marshmallows and more vegan and organic chocolate bars than you could hope for.

But we aren’t done yet…

Our customers and the community play a pivotal role in our shop, not only in the product range but also in how we take things forward. We want to create workshops and put on events on topics like healthy eating & nutrition, first steps towards a vegan diet, even meditation and holistic therapies. We want to work on projects and create events that benefit the community and bring people together.

  • If you have any suggestions on how we can help by putting on events or how we could use our store, then get in touch.
  • If you can think of products you’d like us to stock, get in touch.
  • If you can think of any local groups or people we should be talking to (maybe yourself) then get in touch.

Xover Nutrition as a business may be new to Kings Heath but we aren’t. We are a local family who have a dream for our shop and you and everyone else play an important part in that.

Please come and see us in the shop or complete the form below with any thoughts you may have.

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