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How to make Komboucha

Komboucha is one of our most popular products in the shop and online! We speak to customers all the time about Komboucha and they are very knowledgeable about the healthe benefits and why they keep coming back to our shop for more however when we’ve asked them if they wanted to make their own we get very different responses:

  1. Don’t have the time
  2. Sounds too complicated
  3. I like the choice of flavours you offer!

If you’re a fan of komboucha you will undoubtedly at some point looked in to how its made. We’re sure you will have read up on the benefits of it and when you are online it’s only a few clicks before you are in to recipe and the process.

We’ve read online and it sounds time consuming and rather tricky but we are here to tell you it’s not! Well, it is time consuming to get a good batch of Komboucha but it’s not any of your time – it’s time spent in a cupboard when your biggest instruction is – leave it alone! Patience is the key to komboucha.


Here is her story…..

I started drinking Komboucha about 6 months ago. I tried a few brands and my favourite was the one supplied by the Happy Gut Hut. The choice of flavours kept me interested! So interested i bought a kit to make you own and yes i did do a fair bit or research but when i narrowed it down – it really is quite a simple process, for an amatuer. Let’s not forget I bought this kit so i could give it a go. My motivation was:


  1. I’m interested in the process of making what i am putting in my body
  2. I have become a big fan and dare i say “ambassador” for Komboucha with friends and family – I should know how it’s made
  3. I have some time free so why not
  4. I wont get it right first time so I have low expectations!

Spoiler Alert: My first batch was drinkable and tasted quite good!

So I’d done my research, bought my kit and made sure i followed every instruction to the tea (see what i did there :)). I wanted to give myself the best possible changes of success. There is so much information online that it can get confusing so here are my simplfied instructions:

Instructions for how to make Komboucha

  1. Filter Water (if you have a Brita filter) – not sure why this is needed if you are boiling water but the instructions said so.
  2. Boiler 3 litres of water, take off the heat and add the sugar (about a cup) and the tea (approx 8 tea bags) – leave to steep
  3. Leave to cool – 3 litres of tea takes quite a while to cool down. You could put in a sink of cold water but i just left over night.
  4. Pour tea in a big jar and put the cheese cloth over the top.
  5. Add the SCOBY – gently!
  6.  Put in a cupboard and ignore. Ignore for anywhere from 7-20 days.
  7. Use ph strips to test the acidity of the tea – should be about 3 (I didnt do this)
  8. If its not anywhere near 3 close the cupboard door and come back in a few days
  9. If it is near 3 you are ready for second ferment

Do not get worried if  you think you have mold growing on top – it is now. This is another SCOBY – do not disturb the SCOBY.

Instructions for Komboucha 2nd ferment stage

Firstly its worth pointing out that you can drink it now if you want, you don’t have to do the second ferment. The 2nd ferment is where you can add flavouring and make it carbonated. This stage is quite simple.  You should have another SCOBY that has grown on top of the mother.

  1. Take out the SBOBY & put in  a bowl and carefully cover with tea – this will be the start of your next batch
  2. Pour the tea in to a bowl through a strainer. This will remove any excess SCOBY and this can be added back in to the original bottle.
  3. Take the bowl of tea and pour in to bottles – a plastic funnel is useful here.

I did and it was quite sweet still – this should have been a sign to leave it a bit longer.



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