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Home made bath bombs

Do you know about bath bombs? Do you know what they are? Bath bombs, or should i say homemade bath bombs are amazing! They are suitable for everyone and we stock a wide range of homemade bath bombs in different flavours suitable for everyone.

Our home made bath bombs give your bath that extra fizz and colour. We have a wide range of flavours (or scents) depending on what you want to call them. Not only do they let off an amazing scent when dropped in your bath but they are fun to watch. Drop one in your bath and watch them fizz away making the water a deep colour but also adding to the relaxing, me time that a bath should be.

If you have kids these are amazing for getting them interested in bath time. We have customers come back time and time again telling us how they help kids get in the bath. And – once they are done and asleep they are perfect for themselves

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