We all know the term “superfoods” but what are they?

Foods classified as superfoods are high in the nutrients, vitamins and minerals that our bodies need and are generally plant based products.

As vegans it’s important to make sure that your body gets all the nutrients it needs and whilst a vegan diet can provide the majority of these, the amounts needed is based on you and lifestyle.

We stock a wide range of superfood protein powders which are ideal for fitness fanatics who will need a higher intake to aid recovery and muscle repair.

Blueberries, acai and kale are just 3 examples of superfoods that we can all add to our diets.

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  • Kiki Health Liquid Chlorophyll 125ml

    KIKI Health’s Liquid Chlorophyll comes in a bio-available liquid form and is an entirely natural, plant-based supplement extracted solely from alfalfa grass. Free from preservatives, sweeteners, fillers or artificial colouring and subsequently has a vibrant, natural taste. Liquid Chlorophyll is a nutritional formula of extracted chlorophyll and purified water. Chlorophyll is the most significant and nutritious element found in plants and algae; it is the green pigment which helps absorb light from the sun to provide energy for photosynthesis. Chlorophyll is notable for its molecular structure, which is almost identical to human haemoglobin. KIKI Health’s Liquid Chlorophyll is completely free from preservatives and artificial colouring; as such, its nutritional content and natural taste are preserved. Only the highest grade of alfalfa leaves are selected for extraction to create this totally pure and potent Liquid Chlorophyll.