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Fresh organic fruit & veg in store, local to you

Are we getting ahead of ourselves to think that the weather has turned a corner? Can we start focusing on summer and all the joys it brings us? Like fresh organic vegetables and fruit?

Could summer be here?

Those sunny days, lighter nights, the smell of fresh cut grass and the loftier moods of people as they go about their daily lives. Who doesn’t love summer?

Now, I’d like to highlight that I’m not being anti-winter here or saying people aren’t as happy during winter. Winter is amazing for many different reasons, but there is something about the spring sunshine that drives an optimism that the weather could be like this till September. 

We all know the reality but we don’t care. Live in the moment. 

Anyway – this post has gone slightly off topic so time to reel it back in as this is quite an important message for all of our customers – we have more fresh organic fruit and vegetables in stock.

We opened last August and our local customers lapped up our fresh, organic fruit & veg; many told us what they wanted to see and we hope those who left their requests are happy with our display this year. We’re stocking so much many organic vegetables that we’ve had to move them outside (so this sun had better stick around).

More fresh fruit & veg 

Not only are we stocking organic fruit & veg, but we have expanded our range through popular demand and requests from our local customers. 

If you have been past our store in the last few days you’ll have seen it all outside. If you’ve not been past then come and take a look at what we have to offer.

Last year we couldn’t get hold of tomatoes quick enough. Our sweet potatoes sold like, urm hot potatoes and our organic unwaxed lemons were snapped up by people looking for natural remedies to colds (or that finishing touch to Gin & Tonics)

Fresh organic fruit and veg delivered in store daily. More than last year - come and take a look.

What are we missing?

Let us know what you would like to see in our fresh fruit and vegetable range 

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