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Is summer here to stay?

Now we don’t want to be the ones to curse it but how good has the weather been lately? This time last year was a scorcher and it seemed to last forever (or at least as long as the world cup) but we’re all hoping for the same!

In all seriousness though we need to be sensible and look after ourselves in this weather. With temperatures touching 30 degrees it’s vital.

Here’s our advice for this weather. None of this stuff is new but it’s important to be reminded

  1. Get sun tan lotion and apply it regularly. Every few hours
  2. Plan your day around the midday sun. Find somewhere in the shade. If you’re going for a walk do it in the morning or late afternoon. Don’t underestimate the sun.
  3. Stay hydrated. It’s vital to keep taking in water. Even if you don’t think you need it
  4. Look after the vulnerable. Whether this is the elderly or young children. Whether friends, family or neighbours, take responsibility.

People underestimate this weather every year and whilst me might like a tan and don’t want to miss an opportunity we need to be sensible.

Have fun and look after yourself, and eachother

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Home made bath bombs

Do you know about bath bombs? Do you know what they are? Bath bombs, or should i say homemade bath bombs are amazing! They are suitable for everyone and we stock a wide range of homemade bath bombs in different flavours suitable for everyone.

Our home made bath bombs give your bath that extra fizz and colour. We have a wide range of flavours (or scents) depending on what you want to call them. Not only do they let off an amazing scent when dropped in your bath but they are fun to watch. Drop one in your bath and watch them fizz away making the water a deep colour but also adding to the relaxing, me time that a bath should be.

If you have kids these are amazing for getting them interested in bath time. We have customers come back time and time again telling us how they help kids get in the bath. And – once they are done and asleep they are perfect for themselves

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Fresh organic fruit & veg in store, local to you

Are we getting ahead of ourselves to think that the weather has turned a corner? Can we start focusing on summer and all the joys it brings us? Like fresh organic vegetables and fruit?

Could summer be here?

Those sunny days, lighter nights, the smell of fresh cut grass and the loftier moods of people as they go about their daily lives. Who doesn’t love summer?

Now, I’d like to highlight that I’m not being anti-winter here or saying people aren’t as happy during winter. Winter is amazing for many different reasons, but there is something about the spring sunshine that drives an optimism that the weather could be like this till September. 

We all know the reality but we don’t care. Live in the moment. 

Anyway – this post has gone slightly off topic so time to reel it back in as this is quite an important message for all of our customers – we have more fresh organic fruit and vegetables in stock.

We opened last August and our local customers lapped up our fresh, organic fruit & veg; many told us what they wanted to see and we hope those who left their requests are happy with our display this year. We’re stocking so much many organic vegetables that we’ve had to move them outside (so this sun had better stick around).

More fresh fruit & veg 

Not only are we stocking organic fruit & veg, but we have expanded our range through popular demand and requests from our local customers. 

If you have been past our store in the last few days you’ll have seen it all outside. If you’ve not been past then come and take a look at what we have to offer.

Last year we couldn’t get hold of tomatoes quick enough. Our sweet potatoes sold like, urm hot potatoes and our organic unwaxed lemons were snapped up by people looking for natural remedies to colds (or that finishing touch to Gin & Tonics)

Fresh organic fruit and veg delivered in store daily. More than last year - come and take a look.

What are we missing?

Let us know what you would like to see in our fresh fruit and vegetable range 

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Discounts for those who keep us safe

Do you work for the NHS, ambulance service, fire service or police? If you do then you can take advantage of 15% off your purchases at Xover Nutrition.

Emergency Service Discounts at Xover Nutrition

As a thank you for your service to the community & keeping us, our families, friends and customers safe and healthy we are so happy to be able to offer you 15% discount on all purchases made in store or online. If you pop in to see us in store we’ll know to apply the discount – your uniform will most likely give you away. If you don’t have time to come in and see us you can still take get the discount. Simply create an account online and we will apply a 15% discount to your account.

To create your account click here

Thanks again for your service!

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Veganuary – Don’t let the name fool you

Veganuary is a charity inspiring people to try vegan for January and throughout the rest of the year. So just because January is over doesn’t mean they are stopping in their work to highlight the benefits of the vegan diet and neither are we.

The growth in the number of vegans, and people opening their minds towards a vegan plant based diet in this country is amazing and much of this is down to charities like Veganuary.

We know the benefits, we endorse the benefits and love all our customers who support us but it is great when we get new customers come in to the shop telling us that they want to know more about Veganism. This increase is due to charities like Veganuary.

The funny thing, when we do get new customers asking, it’s often our customers in the shop that tell them their stories, give their advice and support. Making that decision is not always an easy one – especially with traditional UK diets and food on offer. Many customers just want to know more and often suggest that they are dipping their toe in the water to try. We welcome this because even small changes make a difference; not only to food production industries but also personal health. For these customers sometimes having 1 or 2 vegetarian meals per week can be a start.

It’s not only charities like Veganuary that drive this change. Many bars & restaurants, especially locally also offer a wider range of vegan and vegetarian options on their menu’s – a Vegan section on a menu was unheard of just a few years ago. There’s no getting round that “Vegan” was a buzzword of 2018. This was greeted with positive & negative reactions but we believe their can be no denying the health benefits, mentally & physically of a plant based diet. We support this change of behaviour in UK consumers & we congratulate the open mindedness and will to try.

More than ever, we are a nation of people who recognise the effects of what we put inside out bodies. We are asking more questions. We are thinking more. We are seeking and taking advice that we have previously let pass us by.

We hope to see this continue in 2019 and further in to the future and we wish all charities and campaigns the best of luck! And we greet all customers, new and old with a smile and honest advice so come ans see us

For more information about Veganuary, ask us in store or take a look at their website here:

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How to make Komboucha

Komboucha is one of our most popular products in the shop and online! We speak to customers all the time about Komboucha and they are very knowledgeable about the healthe benefits and why they keep coming back to our shop for more however when we’ve asked them if they wanted to make their own we get very different responses:

  1. Don’t have the time
  2. Sounds too complicated
  3. I like the choice of flavours you offer!

If you’re a fan of komboucha you will undoubtedly at some point looked in to how its made. We’re sure you will have read up on the benefits of it and when you are online it’s only a few clicks before you are in to recipe and the process.

We’ve read online and it sounds time consuming and rather tricky but we are here to tell you it’s not! Well, it is time consuming to get a good batch of Komboucha but it’s not any of your time – it’s time spent in a cupboard when your biggest instruction is – leave it alone! Patience is the key to komboucha.


Here is her story…..

I started drinking Komboucha about 6 months ago. I tried a few brands and my favourite was the one supplied by the Happy Gut Hut. The choice of flavours kept me interested! So interested i bought a kit to make you own and yes i did do a fair bit or research but when i narrowed it down – it really is quite a simple process, for an amatuer. Let’s not forget I bought this kit so i could give it a go. My motivation was:


  1. I’m interested in the process of making what i am putting in my body
  2. I have become a big fan and dare i say “ambassador” for Komboucha with friends and family – I should know how it’s made
  3. I have some time free so why not
  4. I wont get it right first time so I have low expectations!

Spoiler Alert: My first batch was drinkable and tasted quite good!

So I’d done my research, bought my kit and made sure i followed every instruction to the tea (see what i did there :)). I wanted to give myself the best possible changes of success. There is so much information online that it can get confusing so here are my simplfied instructions:

Instructions for how to make Komboucha

  1. Filter Water (if you have a Brita filter) – not sure why this is needed if you are boiling water but the instructions said so.
  2. Boiler 3 litres of water, take off the heat and add the sugar (about a cup) and the tea (approx 8 tea bags) – leave to steep
  3. Leave to cool – 3 litres of tea takes quite a while to cool down. You could put in a sink of cold water but i just left over night.
  4. Pour tea in a big jar and put the cheese cloth over the top.
  5. Add the SCOBY – gently!
  6.  Put in a cupboard and ignore. Ignore for anywhere from 7-20 days.
  7. Use ph strips to test the acidity of the tea – should be about 3 (I didnt do this)
  8. If its not anywhere near 3 close the cupboard door and come back in a few days
  9. If it is near 3 you are ready for second ferment

Do not get worried if  you think you have mold growing on top – it is now. This is another SCOBY – do not disturb the SCOBY.

Instructions for Komboucha 2nd ferment stage

Firstly its worth pointing out that you can drink it now if you want, you don’t have to do the second ferment. The 2nd ferment is where you can add flavouring and make it carbonated. This stage is quite simple.  You should have another SCOBY that has grown on top of the mother.

  1. Take out the SBOBY & put in  a bowl and carefully cover with tea – this will be the start of your next batch
  2. Pour the tea in to a bowl through a strainer. This will remove any excess SCOBY and this can be added back in to the original bottle.
  3. Take the bowl of tea and pour in to bottles – a plastic funnel is useful here.

I did and it was quite sweet still – this should have been a sign to leave it a bit longer.



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Tell us what you want to see

Xover Nutrition Logo

We’ve been open for a couple of months now and time has flown! It’s been an exciting time. Exciting for us that we opened after years of planning and hard work. Exciting to get all your feedback and best wishes and we hope exciting for you to have a vegan, organic and health store that stocks products you want to see.

1000 products in store

When we opened we had approximately 750 products in our range and we made a point in our first few days and weeks to ask customers what we were missing and what you wanted to see.

We have added over 250 new products to our range that have been specifically asked for by you, our customers.

You wanted Kombucha – we got it!
You definitely wanted Booja Booja – yep! We got it.

Our fridges are stocked with a wider range of cheese alternatives and drinks, our shelves now have more gluten free foods and for those who wanted more snacks and treats you can now find vegan marshmallows and more vegan and organic chocolate bars than you could hope for.

But we aren’t done yet…

Our customers and the community play a pivotal role in our shop, not only in the product range but also in how we take things forward. We want to create workshops and put on events on topics like healthy eating & nutrition, first steps towards a vegan diet, even meditation and holistic therapies. We want to work on projects and create events that benefit the community and bring people together.

  • If you have any suggestions on how we can help by putting on events or how we could use our store, then get in touch.
  • If you can think of products you’d like us to stock, get in touch.
  • If you can think of any local groups or people we should be talking to (maybe yourself) then get in touch.

Xover Nutrition as a business may be new to Kings Heath but we aren’t. We are a local family who have a dream for our shop and you and everyone else play an important part in that.

Please come and see us in the shop or complete the form below with any thoughts you may have.

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What is CDB oil and how does it work?

Cannabinoids are chemical compounds that are found in plants within the cannabis family, including hemp and marijuana. There are over 110 different types of cannabinoids and cannabidiol (CBD) is one of them. Cannabidiol (CBD) is the cannabinoid that has far-reaching medical benefits that people are able to take advantage of in a way that is natural and non-habit forming. It is used in the form of CBD oil.

Mammals have a system in their body called the endocannabinoid system (ECS). This system regulates various functions within the body such as sleep, immune system response, pain, and various neurological functions through the use of neurotransmitters.

The Way CBD Oil Works

 It is based on the ability of CBD oil to affect this system and the way the neurotransmitters communicate with the brain that it has multiple medicinal benefits for people and pets.

  • Physical benefits of CBD Oil

    The body produces endocannabinoids, a type of neurotransmitter, that interacts with cannabinoid receptors in the brain. CBD impacts the activity of these receptors and thus provide pain relief and anti-inflammatory effects. If the transmitters are not telling the receptors to send out pain signals, there is not as much pain and not as much inflammation. There are some studies that suggest that it also has serious anticancer effects as well.

  • Emotional benefits of CBD Oil

    CBD oil has been shown to improve the effects of emotional issues, such as anxiety, stress, and depression. It interacts with the receptors in the brain that release serotonin, which is a hormone that affects mood and behavior. The CBD oil elicits a response from the brain to release this hormone to counteract the effects of issues such as these.

  • Mental benefits of CBD Oil

    CBD oil has also been shown to provide benefits for such conditions as multiple sclerosis and epilepsy. It works with the endocannabinoid system to curb the onset of symptoms such as muscle spasms, convulsions, and seizures. There are cases all over the world where people were not able to find relief for the symptoms that come with these conditions from the prescriptions, but CBD allowed for great improvements.

Best things about CBD Oils

One of the best things about this oil is that it is giving people the freedom to be able to treat their conditions with a treatment that is natural. Most of these conditions are treated with prescription drugs with various dangerous side effects, including being addictive. Scientists all over the world are currently working on unlocking all the benefits and effects that CBD has for people. They are also working to discover the benefits of the various other cannabinoids that are in cannabis plants. There are also no serious side effects from this oil that have been discovered. It is not possible to overdose or become addicted to CBD oil. It helps a wide range of people with a wide range of various conditions and ailments.

At Xover Nutrition we stock a range of CDB oils which can be found here but for more information on these oils please get in touch or come and visit our store.

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This is your home page for all content pages and is to be kept up to date regularly . This is the place to include everything about the business, industry, latest news, competitions & giveaways and anything you would post on social media.

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